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    HIV-AIDS in Evidence Based Practice

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    In the issue of "HIV/AIDS in the youth", how can you use evidence-based research to demonstrate the relationship of nursing practice to outcomes in this issue?

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    Evidence-based Practice
    Evidence-based practice is based on the research that is current in the field of HIV/AIDS studies. This is founded on the currently used methods of care and treatment and what is working as it relates to prevention. Information should be on published evidence that has been done through the standard rigors of research practice and adhered to the strict rule and ritual of the discipline. The move to evidence-based practice in the nursing profession has been a positive aspect in the practice (Brown, Ecoff, Kim, Wickline, Rose, Klimpel, & Glaser, 2010). Nursing can learn to appreciate evidence-based practice in their everyday practice as a way to justify their actions with patients and be able to have discussions with physicians that are based on researched information (Staffileno & McKinney, 2011).
    Nursing Outcomes
    Nursing outcomes are based on ...

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    A review of the impact of HIV/AIDS on nursing evidence-based practice.