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Human Service Organization

Please help me with this assignment.

Any human service organization can serve as a choice.


For the course project, you will hypothetically be employed in your dream professional position in a human behavioral organization. For this assignment, you will select the organization you will focus on for the final project. Your answer should include the following:

- Identifies an appropriate organization that is relevant to the field of human behavior.
- Describes why the organization is of personal or professional interest (add policy and procedures, mission statement, etc).
- Describes what the writer hopes to learn or accomplish from exploring this future employment opportunity.

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Dear student,

Hi and thank you for using BrainMass. This particular question set is asking you to present something 'personal' to you, to show that you can apply what you have learned from the course so far to your own 'dream' organization. I cannot do this for you, but I can show you how it can be done following an example of an organization that can be applicable to this particular task. In so doing, you can see a process and a guide that can be applicable for your own needs. Now, since the task is straightforward, let's use an outline:

1. The organization you have in mind - what is it and why this organization?
2. Further explain the details of the organization that got you interested - I think mission would be best.
3. Accomplishment goal - this is personal and of course, specific only to you.

Since this is subjective, do think about your own 'dream position' in an ideal organization. Good luck!

AE 105878/Xenia Jones


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