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building relationships among teachers in the Early Childhood setting

My current course is "Differentiating Instructional strategies in practice:training, implementing and supervision" please provide 2-3 strategie on building relationships in an Early Childhood setting, that I can research and write about. Thanks.

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I would suggest the following topics that may be more relevant for early childhood but can also be applicable for older learners.

1. Discovery learning- the child discovers important concepts about a topic such as volume by comparing amount of a liquid in a tall, narrow cylinder versus a short, wide one This can be applied to concepts such as mass, counting or simplified for learning to differentiate between hard/soft sweet/salty or warm/cold.

2 If technology allows for interactive learning, this is a cutting edge development in education. Students get immediate and constructive feedback on individual mastery of a task. these tasks can be differentiated and repeated individually until mastery is achieved. A particular idea for the early learner would be a smartboard ...

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Some ideas for building relationships among teachers in the Early Childhood setting are embedded.