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Internal & External Threats

This question consists of two parts:

(1) Between North Korea, Pakistan, and Venezuela, which country do you feel faces the largest internal threat and why?

(2) Between North Korea, Pakistan, and Venezuela, which country do you feel faces the largest external threat and why?

Please offer help, dont know where to start!

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Internal Threat

Of all the countries listed, I feel that Pakistan has the most internal threats as evidenced by all the events related to internal terrorism and the still on-going war in Afghanistan that has enveloped this country for decades now. First off, there's the issue with India over the contested territory of Kashmir. Officially, the Kashmir issue is its biggest threat as decades of war and still heightened border issues with India is an ongoing issue. It is argued by experts that Pakistan is supporting underground cells and black ops to threaten Indian influence and power over the region. The 2008 Mumbai attacks were alleged to have had the support of underground Pakistani 'Black Ops' - this BBC News article indicates admittance of Pakistani military role in the Mumbai attacks. Unofficially however the biggest issue Pakistan faces internally is the growing tide of radicalism. The porous border it shares with Afghanistan has allowed for the almost free-wheeling transport of goods, services and people to the advantage of the Taleban. Officially, the Taliban has established itself in Pakistan in 2007, moving its base in its tribal areas and launching its attacks in Afghanistan from there. They call themselves the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan or Pakistan Taleban. As such, the Pakistan Military have had to fight the Taleban within its borders putting civilians in danger and dividing society along ethnic and ...

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