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Sociological Perspectives of Current Social Problems

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1) Choose any current social problem that interests you and explain it from each of the sociological perspectives as explained in the two part presentation and the assigned article.

2) Choose any event from the 1960 Timeline under the Reading tab. Explain how you think that event influenced our lives in today's global society.



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The Sociological Perspectives on Divorce
Divorce is one of the biggest things affecting the American life today. The divorce rate in the United States is now up to 51%. (Divorce Statistics) When looking at divorce from the sociological perspectives, there are different ways to look at the same social problem, but it is still just that: a problem.
In regards to symbolic interactionism, divorce does depend on the specific individuals involved (Sociological Perspectives). The decision or action of divorce are very ...

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The expert chooses a current social problem and explains it from each of the sociological perspectives. Events from 1960 are examined as to how it influences today's global society.

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Current Events Analysis

Locate an online current events article that discusses an issue of population, community or health. Discuss the article from the three sociological perspectives, considering the following:

How do the demographics of the group affected impact the issue?
What historical and/or contemporary sociological factors complicate the matter?
What are the social, political, and cultural factors that impact the issue?
Finally, examine the issue from at least one of the major sociological perspectives.

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