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Politics, Power and Team Dynamics

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1. How do politics, preexisting preferences and power negatively affect the group process? What effects have you seen of each of these variables in group decision making?

2. How would you feel if a coworker called you "argumentative"? Most people might not accept this very well, but Teammate #2 felt complimented. Why might this be?

What is argumentativeness?
What is the value of argumentation in groups?
How can you form an effective compelling argument?
How argumentative are you?

3. Our readings state that group decision-making is beneficial. What benefits do you see? What drawbacks can you identify? Good group decision-making also involves decision-making methods. Which methods listed in our readings have you used effectively, and which ones have not worked as well for you?

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By addressing the questions, this solutions examines dimensions of politics and team dynamics, such as the benefits of group decision-making, the impact of power on group process, etc. Supplemented with two highly informative articles on aspects of group behavior and decision-making.

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