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    America: Moral Idealist or Political Realist?

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    Does the United States now follow a moral idealist or a political realist approach in international affairs?

    To what extent?

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    This genuinely is an opinion question, so you could argue it either way depending on what you personally believe. The core concepts in this argument are discussed in chp 1 of "American Foreign Policy: The Dynamics of Choice in the 21st Century" by Bruce W. Jentleson, if you want to read more for yourself.

    The moral idealist view: This is the idea that the US has responsibilities as the result of its hegemonic (most powerful nation) status. This idea is one that several presidents, such as Woodrow Wilson, espoused. The core goal of this theory is to represent and spread the principles America was founded on, and try to spread global democracy. American military ...

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    An opinion on the notion of the US being a moral idealist or political realist society is discussed in this concise solution.