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Patient Safety Measures

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Please provide assistance with the following two questions from a healthcare administrators or quality improvement perspective. Please prove reference.

1) What are some key measures that providers use to monitor patient safety?

2) Because of the seriousness of managing health care quality outcomes in a patient-safe environment, what do you believe a patient satisfaction survey will show if providers are not required to comply with regulatory and accreditation rules and guidelines?

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Patient safety in hospitals is the number one priority. Several methods are used by hospitals to both implement patient safety strategies and evaluate their effectiveness. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations has outlined the major patient safety initiatives which include topics such as surgical site infection prevention, deep vein thrombosis prevention, and the use of a rapid response team. Hospitals follow these core measures and track their compliance by using their electronic medical record, keeping other logs and reporting and recording when patient safety issues due occur, such as central line associated blood infections. For ...

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This solution discusses key measures that providers use to measure patient safety.

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