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Nursing Theory and Tenets of the Metaparadigm

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Discuss the tenets of the metaparadigm as defined by Nightingale, Johnson, Orem, Roy, Leininger, Newman, Rogers and Watson.

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I located two excellent resources that list the metaparadigms of the nursing theorists in point form, which I will leave for easy referencing.

Let's take a closer look.

1. Discuss the tenants of the metaparadigm as defined by Nightingale, Johnson, Orem, Roy, Leininger, Newman, Rogers and Watson.

Foundation of any profession is the development of a specialized body of knowledge. Theories should be developed in nursing, not borrow theories form other disciplines. The metaparadigms include the environment, person, health, and nursing. However, some theories di not followed this exact format, but most do.

1. Nightingale's Theory & Nursing's Metaparadigm

? Referred to by Nightingale as "the patient"
? A human being acted upon by a nurse, or affected by the environment
? Has reparative powers to deal with disease
? Recovery is in the patient's power as long as a safe environment exists

? The foundational component of Nightingale's theory
? The external conditions & forces that affect one's life and development
? Includes everything from a person's food to a nurse's verbal & nonverbal interactions with the patient

? Maintained by using a person's healing powers to their fullest extent
? Maintained by controlling the environmental factors so as to prevent disease
? Disease is viewed as a reparative process instituted by nature
? Health & disease are the focus of the nurse
? Nurses help patients through their healing process

? Provides fresh air, light, warmth, cleanliness, quiet, and a proper diet
? Facilitates a patient's reparative process by ensuring the best possible environment
? Influences the environment to affect health
? Supports the nursing process (even though it was not even developed yet!)
? Nursing education belongs in the hands of nurses!
? Nursing is a discipline distinct from medicine focusing on the patient's reparative process rather than on their disease!!

According to Hagopian (n.d,, the four concepts in the nursing metaparadigm for each of the following theorists are:

2. Johnson's Metaparadigm

? Recipient of care, including physical, spiritual, psychological, and socio-cultural components
? Individual, family, or community

? All internal and external conditions, circumstances, and influences affecting the person

? Degree of ...

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this solution discuss the tenets of the metaparadigm as defined by several nursing theories as proposed by Nightingale, Johnson, Orem, Roy, Leininger, Newman, Rogers and Watson. Supplemented with a highly informative article on Sister Roy' theory.