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Three methods of statistical inference

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Describe each of the following methods of statistical inference in detail (Please try to use layman's terms).

1) Cox proportional-hazards model
2) Pearson correlation methods
3) Kruskal- Wallis test

Explain how each method could be used in nursing or nursing research. Cite any sources used, and please, no Wikipedia.

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Cox Proportional-Hazards Model
Cox proportional-hazards model is a life table analysis that is used to evaluate the importance of different covariates in the survival time of object by implementing the hazard function. As per this model, the predictor variables have a constant effect over the time that shows a linear relationship between variables and end point. In this model, independent variables are used to identify the hazard of occurrence of an event at a specific period of time (Acton, 2012). It is useful in determining survival score that compares the survival time of control and experimental groups.
This model can be used in nursing and nursing research studies effectively. It allows the researchers to analyze various determinants of survival movements in a framework. It provides several implications for long-term care policies and assists to improve the appraisal ability of nursing practitioners. For example, by using this model, the risk of nursing home admission for patients can be analyzed effectively in long-term care plans. In nursing researches, this model is used to compare the survival time of ...

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Three methods of statistical interference are determined.

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