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Publishing Papers

Publishing scientific papers online is fast, and the papers can be long. Publishing in a paper journal means that the paper will live forever in libraries. The British Medical Journal combines the two: it prints short and readable versions, with longer versions available online. Is this OK with authors? The journal asked a random sample of 104 of its recent authors several questions. One question was "Should the journal continue using this system?" In the sample, 72 said "Yes." What proportion of all authors would say "Yes" if asked? (Estimate with 95% confidence.) Do the data give good evidence that more than two-thirds of authors supports continuing this system? Answer both questions with appropriate inference methods.

Solution Summary

This solution uses statistical inference and analysis in an Excel file to determine if the data gave good evidence on the support of the authors. A null and alternative hypothesis is provided, a test statistic is calculated and compared to the p-value to make a decision to either accept or reject the null hypothesis.