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    Business Management (Consulting)

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    1. Identify three communication strategies. How might they be useful for building relationships with your clients? How might those strategies vary with different clients?
    2. What must you consider before using an article found on the Internet or from the University Library in your papers? How can the library assist you with research as a student? How might research skills help you in your career as a consultant?

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    1.Individuals communication and learn in three ways which are visual, auditory and tactile. In order to be effective in communication of any types material needs to be presented in ways which will encompass all three of these styles.
    Ways to present materials and communicate with these individual styles would be

    Visual communication

    providing information in print
    showing the information on a computer screen, video monitor or a large screen presentation

    Auditory communication

    listening to an individual verbalize information which is being presented
    asking the individual to return verbalization understanding of information presented
    providing audio ...

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