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Business Management (Consulting)

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1. Identify three communication strategies. How might they be useful for building relationships with your clients? How might those strategies vary with different clients?
2. What must you consider before using an article found on the Internet or from the University Library in your papers? How can the library assist you with research as a student? How might research skills help you in your career as a consultant?

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1.Individuals communication and learn in three ways which are visual, auditory and tactile. In order to be effective in communication of any types material needs to be presented in ways which will encompass all three of these styles.
Ways to present materials and communicate with these individual styles would be

Visual communication

providing information in print
showing the information on a computer screen, video monitor or a large screen presentation

Auditory communication

listening to an individual verbalize information which is being presented
asking the individual to return verbalization understanding of information presented
providing audio ...

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Business management consulting are examined.

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Consulting (Business Management)

1.Each step leading to the implementation of a solution is an opportunity to engage the client, reduce resistance, and increase the probability for success. Out of the 12 steps (pg 33-38) on the attachment which two or three steps would one consider to be the most important? Explain your response.


Techniques Are Not Enough

MANY PEOPLE learning consulting skills look for techniques and procedural ways to be more effective as consultants. But there are special demands of the consulting role that transcend any specific methods we might employ and that contribute to our effectiveness no matter what our technical expertise. A unique and beguiling aspect of doing consulting is that your own self is involved in the process to a much greater extent than if you were applying your expertise in some other way. Your own reactions to a client, your own feelings during discussions, your own ability to solicit feedback from the client?all are important dimensions to consultation.

In acting as a consultant, you always operate at two levels. One level is the substance, the cognitive part of a discussion between yourself and the client. The client presents a certain organizational problem. Perhaps it's the need for training, improving the skills of people in an organization. Perhaps it's how the organization makes decisions. The problem may be one of furnace design?or financial controls.

The substance level is the problem-solving, rational, or explicit part of the discussion, where you are working on what I call the technical/business problem. At the same time and at another level, both you and the client are generating and sensing your feelings about each other?whether you feel accepting or resistant, whether you feel high or low tension, whether you feel support or confrontation. So, the relationship of the consultant to the client during each phase is a second level of data that needs attention.

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