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Publishing a Weekly Tabloid Newspaper for Beginners

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Developing a plan for your own weekly tabloid-format newspaper with at least 24 pages. Explain your plan in a 1,500 word report, led by a synopsis.

(BTW, in spite of popular wisdom, the word "tabloid" refers to the size of the newspaper pages. Some people wrongly use that term to describe a sensationalistic newspaper).

You may ALSO decide to produce an online version of your newspaper. But you cannot create just an online version.

You do NOT have to write the 24 or more pages of the newspaper. What we ask is for a detailed description of your project. Start by explaining why you have chosen your newspaper and what you want to accomplish with it.

Who will be your readers? Why do they need your publication? Who would be your advertisers? Why would they want to place an ad in your newspaper?

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Begin your plan by doing the following:

1. Decide upon your industry or focus.
For example, will your interests be about sports, entertainment, politics, high tech, home ownership, vehicles, etc. The list can go on and on. Follow your own interests and select something that you will not get tired reading or writing about. If you understand your own interests, this will also help you write a mission statement, as you get further along in publishing.
Knowing that you are interested in a certain area but having a purpose for others is very important to your readers and can assist them in deciding whether to read your first issue(s) or not. You can't expect your readers to find the reason for reading your newspaper-- you have to tell them why they will want to read it and what they will get out of it. You must tell them what kind of information or contacts they can get from you that they can't get anywhere else. This leads to point #2:

2. Determine your audience.
Start with demographics because that creates a profile that you can use to determine other factors, like age, income and region.
For example, if you want to ...

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