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Martha Rogers' Nursing Theory

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Why is Martha Rogers' nursing theory more congruent than other nursing theories?

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Interesting question! Although the theory is considered more congruent, it has also been referred to as being too abstract for application. Others argue that exact opposite however. I also attached the supporting article, from which this response is drawn.

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1. Why is Martha Rogers' nursing theory more congruent than other nursing theories?

Congruent means that the theory holds together, that the different elements that make up the conceptual framework fit well together. It is holistic as it includes various aspects of the human being and the environment.

It has been stated that Rogers' Science of Unitary Human Beings offers a view of nursing that is consistent with the current prevailing world view of holism and ecological concern (Cowling, 1986a, as cited in the attached article) and in a sense was, and perhaps still is, ahead of its time. It is considered more congruent because it also includes environmental issues in the conceptual framework, and the different theoretical elements fit well together. This contrasts with traditional theories, which were based on the medical model, mechanistic and reductionistic and analytic. Using the Science of Unitary Human Beings with all its implications for nursing practice, education and research may be one way of firmly embracing the ideology of the 'new age' and to keeping abreast of these beliefs. this ...

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This solution explains why Martha Rogers' nursing theory is more congruent than other nursing theories. Supplemented with an article overviewing Rogers' theory.