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Milio's framework for prevention model

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What are the differences or similarities of Milio's framework to the nursing process?

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Milio's framework for prevention model

The framework provides that the health status existing in the population occurs due to too little or excess critical health sustaining resources whereby people who are have enough and safe food, shelter, water and environment are vulnerable to infectious diseases which too much food will lead to obesity. Population behavior patterns also affect health since knowledge and perception is influenced by informal and formal learning and also by experience (Milio, n.d). Health is also influenced by organizational behavior which includes policy makers since they provide options available to thus influencing selections made by individuals.

Milio (1976) provides that an individual's health selections are influenced by the objective to maximize valued resources therefore selection is based to personal resources and societal resources. Change in choice making among a large number of people in the population leads to social change and that teaching and learning may be insignificant in affecting behavior patterns if new health ...

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Milio's framework for prevention model is carefully articulated and referenced. It is also compared to the nursing process clearly.