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    Can someone please tell me how to find a reference article? I have a great article to work with and my instructor wants me to look at the references at the END of the article and find three of those articles online. I have tried everything. How do I look up a reference at the end of a journal article and get the complete article? Thank you!

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    UPDATE May 17, 2009

    The only way to locate articles on-line is to use search words from the article to see if they are available on-line (or not). The best search words to locate specific articles are to use the authors name, date, and article. Cut and paste these words in the search space using the google search engine (click www.google.com). Or, do you access to your college library, as you could then use this technique to expand your search to specific libraries?

    For example, for the first reference below, I used the Google search engine using the following search words: "Barta, K.M. (1995). Information-seeking, research utilization, and barriers to research utilization of pediatric nurse educators."

    So, start at the top of ...

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    As an example, this solution assists in locating one article and three sources listed in the references list, as well as explains how to search for references on-line in a way that has good outcomes.