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Nursing Research

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A) According to Polit and Beck (2006), nurses in various settings are adopting a research-based (or evidence-based) practice that incorporates research findings into their decisions and interaction with clients. How do you see this being applied in a workplace?

B) The research question and hypothesis clearly state the problem and expected study outcome. Choose a research study that relates to a clinical area of interest. Identify and list the research question(s) and hypothesis. How would you differentiate between the two? Was it difficult to differentiate between the two? Why or why not?

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I believe that the application and incorporation of research findings into the decisions made by nurses, and their interaction with clients, is a highly feasible and professional methodology to use. The purpose of all research is to find answers to questions that are pertinent to nursing and other disciplines, so it serves to reason that professionals in any field, should allocate the use of research findings in order to make better decisions as to the methodology to use in performing their duties in an effective and efficient manner.

Nurses can apply research findings into their decisions regarding the methodologies of assessing clients, due to the fact that the latest research will give them the best indication as to what treatments will be best for their patients, and these research findings can serve as a very reliable and highly effective reference source, from which a nurse can refer to in order to better serve the client. In addition, nurses can use research findings as a methodology by which to find and identify findings that are very similar to ...

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