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    Comcast Company Strategy

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    1. (In approximately 3-4 pages on the organization "Comcast")

    a). Discuss/present Comcast's mission/vision/values, and key stakeholders.
    b). Include their position and niche in todays cable worlds competitive environment.
    c). Upon presenting the mission/vision/values, discuss who are their most important primary stakeholders and indicate whether
    the stakeholders needs are satisfied or are in line with Comcasts mission/vision/values.
    d). Again with presenting the mission/vision/values of Comcast, Is the organization in line with the wide range environment in which
    it competes in.

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    Strategic Management (Comcast)

    1. a). Discuss/present Comcast's mission/vision/values, and key stakeholders.

    Focus on the main concept by Comcasts overall mission, vision, and values that outlines "evolving" to adapt to the consumer's needs. Therefore, the Comcast model is in play to looking towards future endeavors that delivers excellence and sustainability to consumers' needs as well as stakeholders. For instance, the below Comcast mission and values that outlines, as follow:

    As Comcast evolves, we continue to look to the future - seeking out new communications technology, new opportunities, and more choices. We want to continue to provide people with the communications products and services that connect them to what's important in their lives."

    Therefore, the main objective in Comcast organization deals with key areas of focouses to further conduct research, such as;

    1) Technology advancement
    2) Evolving into new marketplaces
    3) Improving services with newer products (higher internet speed, television in video on demand, etc.)
    4) Quicker customer service response time, hence, the company's strategy model on increasing customer service representatives.
    5) Increase company's ...

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