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    Company Motivational Profile

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    A 650 word paper, using a minimum of 2 sources, discussing the employee motivational strategies of Comcast.

    1. Corporate culture and management

    a. Mission statement
    b. Organizational structure
    c. Decision-making strategies

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    // Comcast is an American Company, which deals in cable operation, broadband and Internet services. In this paper, we will present a company profile of the Comcast and also provide information on its mission, organizational structure and nature of strategic decision making. Before starting with the main topic, it is advised to give a brief company introduction, like this. //


    Comcast was established in the year 1963 in the form of cable operation on a single system. At present, it has evolved as one of the biggest suppliers of cable services domestically, as well as, a pioneer among communication companies, worldwide. Comcast focuses towards offering services in the areas related to broadband cable, commerce and content (Corporate Information, 2009). They carry digital services, make available Internet service, which is faster than the competitors and provide clear broadband phone service; also build up and distribute modern programming.

    // After providing an introduction to the company, we will focus on the mission of the organization. After which, we will throw light on the organizational structure of Comcast.//

    Comcast Mission Statement

    Mission and vision statements are documented for the purpose of communicating the purpose of existence of the organization, to the employees and the consumers of the firm. A Mission Statement can be understood as a decree or a small clause, formulated by a business or company to mirror its central purpose, characteristics, principles and primary aims of the business (Comcast, 2008). The meaning of a Vision Statement is a sentence or short paragraph, which ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 946 words with references.