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    Motivational Strategies

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    Discuss the motivational strategies of W. L. Gore Corporation.

    **Motivational strategies - identify which of the following strategies the 'W.L. Gore' Company uses to motivate employees:
    a. Employee empowerment
    b. Selection and training
    c. Incentives
    d. Benefits
    e. Quality programs
    f. Managerial roles
    g. Goals and objectives
    h. Performance appraisals
    i. Job design
    j. Alternative work schedules
    k. Stress management
    l. Leadership style
    m. Other

    **Use at least 2 references and cite them** APA format**

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    I. Introduction
    W. L. Gore and Associates, Inc. in Newark, Delaware, a privately-held company, has been known to launch products or services that has busted the market for many years in its 47 year history. It has entered successfully a wide variety of markets and some of its innovations are the Glide dental floss, Gore-Tex fabrics and the Elixir acoustic guitar strings. The company has been named by Fortune magazine as one of the 100 best companies to work for. Considering all these, it is typical to wonder, what's behind the success of this company? Is it the high salaries? Is it the effective sales and marketing group? Read on and find the answers to this question.

    II. Motivating Strategies
    The secret to the success of W. L. Gore is its culture which has caused many of their associates (their employees) to grow and unleash their creativity through the family-spirit atmosphere which fosters teamwork, and who uphold and value the following principles and behaviors: collaboration, information sharing, ability to keep commitments, personal responsibility, and fairness to employees and customers. At Gore, each associate is empowered and their potentials and talents allowed to grow and nourish through its lattice structure. It has direct lines of communication; there are no bosses in Gore, only ...

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