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Discuss: Company Motivational Profile

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Analysis of Comcast:

Prepare a response representing the following information:

Consider what makes working for this company a positive experience for its employees. What is the essence of its approach to motivation? How does it combine the use of various motivational techniques to be successful? How is the combination of techniques that it uses unique in any way? Do the company's motivational strategies serve as an attraction for new employees, or do they improve employee retention? What can you take as best practices from their example? What can you improve upon? Make recommendations on the specific steps the company could take to address deficiencies.

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//The paper is based on analyzing the company motivational profile. While carrying out analysis of this kind, one must look at the company's policies and practices. But first one should begin with the brief introduction about the topic and then we must give an introduction about the company.//

Employee Motivation:
The company Comcast operates in the telecommunication industry. Initially, it was into single system cable industry. Now it has become one of the top players in the telecommunications industry in the United States of America. The company has established itself as the biggest supplier of cable services. The company specializes in broadband cable, commerce and content. Apart from this, Comcast is also into providing digital services, high speed Internet and better broadband phone services, development and delivering of innovative programming (Furnham, 2005). The paper focuses on the company motivation profile.

// Here we analyze that what factors makes working for the given company a positive experience for its employees. Additionally, we also throw light on the essence of its approach to motivation.//

There are various factors that make working for the company a positive experience for the employees. The company offers a number of attractive compensation and benefit packages for its employees who are working for it on full time as well as on a part time basis. The company gives healthcare coverage for their employees that include a complete medical and prescription, vision and dental coverage. It also provides basic ...

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This response is about 930 words and includes two references. A detailed description of how to analyze the motivational profile of a company is discussed and in this case the Comcast company is being analyzed.