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    Joint ventures to gain competitive advantage

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    Identify a company that recently developed a joint venture. Identify why the decision to pursue a joint venture was the right strategic decision in giving the firm a competitive advantage.

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    Successful organizations develop venture strategies, making ventures a vital component in their operational and strategic success. With globalization, "synergistic" acquirements, proficiency development, and conventional domestic expansions, are no longer satisfactory sources of development in many industries; these industries have become hypercompetitive and crowded. Companies face challenges to explore more emergent and untapped opportunities; innovative creations that will meet unserved and unmet consumer needs in up-and-coming markets (Roberts, 2009).

    Two successful organizations which have made ventures a fundamental component of their strategies are Comcast and GE. Comcast is the country's foremost provider of communication, information and entertainment, services and products. Comcast has 24 million cable customers, 16 million Internet customers, and 8 million Comcast Digital Voice customers; Comcast is predominantly ...

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