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Organizational stakeholders and the board: Yahoo!

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Speak on Yahoo's latest CEO departure.

Who are the various stakeholders for Yahoo?
Why did Thompson have to leave Home Depot?
What has been the role of investors and of the board?

Please answer each in about 2 to 3 paragraphs.
Please provide references for further research.

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Step 1
CEO Scott Thompson was asked to leave Yahoo because his resume on the SEC listing showed two degrees, one in accounting and the other in computer science from Stonehill College. It was found that Thompson did not receive a computer science degree from the college. Questions were asked in the Yahoo board as to why the computer science degree appeared on his resume while he was running PayPal.

The inclusion of the non-existent degree was blamed on outside sources, such as the placement firm Hedrick & Struggles. Even though apologies were sent to the employees and the Board of Yahoo tried to defend Thompson, the pressures increased and the board was compelled to investigate how the false resume appeared.

Step 2
The stakeholders for Yahoo are the Government (tax authorities and SEC), employees, customers, providers of services, creditors, the community, and shareholders. The shareholders ...

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