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    stakeholder and the different types as they relate to curriculum design in the workforce

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    This job defines a stakeholder and the different types as they relate to curriculum design in the workforce.

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    "A stakeholder is defined in the as any individual, group, or organization that will have a significant impact on, or will be significantly impacted by, the competency level of a sales person." (United Professional Sales Association 2005). I thought that this brought great insight to who the stakeholders in a multinational corporation would be in that they are not only affected by the sales activity of the company, but also the competency level of the sales person. With this said it is clear that all stakeholders should have been very interested in the curriculum of the organization. Significant stakeholders include: Board of Directors, CEO, Human Resources, Buyers, and employees.
    The Board of Directors are responsible for the overall operation of the company. Their responsibilities include ensuring that the company is financially sound, moving in the direction established by their business plan, evaluation of current productivity and sales, development of policy and procedures and evaluation of CEO.
    The CEO of the organization is the person who is responsible for the overseeing of day to day business to ensure it is meeting the overall operational standards. The CEO answers directly to the board of directors. The CEO is charged with ensuring that the management staff are competent in doing their jobs, which in returns ensure the effective management of the company.
    I also thought that the Human Resource Department (HR), usually considered part of the executive management of an organization, was an important stakeholder. HR departments are generally accountable for maintaining each employee's competencies as they relate to their employment status. HR departments coordinate the training programs ...

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    An overview of stakeholders and the different types are related to curriculum design within the workforce.