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Curriculum Design: Issues, Trends, History

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Research issues and trends in curriculum design. Include the history of curriculum design from the past until now.

Write a review of your research, and include recommendations on dealing with issues and utilizing trends.

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Curriculum Design
1. Effective planning of curriculum. To design a better curriculum, all stakeholders need to share their comments, ideas and suggestions on how the curriculum can be developed. Educators need to collaborate with parents, community and students to be able to design a curriculum that is based on high standards and recent developments.
2. The Era of Science and Technology. There is a need to include researches in curriculum development to improve teachers' knowledge in how it should be designed. Technology should be a part of the Science, Math and English curriculum as this will guide the students twards lifelong learning.
3. Inclusion of Recent Issues/Trends in the Curriculum:
* National and Universal Culture. Another emergent issue that needs to be addressed in the curriculum is international awareness so that we are better able to understand people from other races by studying their culture and learning of various opinions and values. This will be easier with the integration of technology in the learning environment.
* Futuristic Education. Preparing the students for the future by studying the future itselfand consists of technological developments and social events as twin components that will determine our future.
* Electronic Education. Computers, internet, technology, media, interactive videos, satellite, cable networks, and teleconferences are going to make the curriculum more lively and more informative as well as more exciting and interesting.
* Technical Literacy. There is a need to educate the students so that they become familiar with electronics, computers, lasers and robots. They need to learn more skills that can help them on the job, such as communication, cognitive and cooperative/teamwork skills. These will prepare the students for viable careers in the future.
* Lifelong Learning. Education will take place outside of the ...

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