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    Evaluating annual reports and shareholder letters

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    1. Go to http://www.annualreports.com/
    2. Enter your company's name in the Search by Company Name field.
    Choose Proctor & Gamble
    3. Click Search.

    4. Click the hyperlink that appears with your company's name.

    Open the PDF or HTML version of the annual report.

    Read the letter to shareholders from the CEO or chairman of the board.

    ? Evaluate and explain in writing the CEO's letter. An effective annual report letter from company leadership should include:

    o An assessment of the firm's performance in the last year

    o Both positive and negative developments

    o Ideas for strategic planning for the future

    ? Answer the following question in your evaluation:

    What impressions does the letter give you about the quality of the company's financial leadership and planning?

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    This letter is very upbeat and confident. It identifies the ideals on which the company is basing its continued push for success. The letter posits in a very well laid out format the encouraging news for the different areas of the company including beauty products, health products, blades and razors, and baby products. It identifies the challenges faced in the past year, cost of integration and it points out the growth continued, not hampered by the financial integration that was occurring throughout the company. There were ...

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    A discussion on the chosen company annual report and shareholder letter. The positives, the strategic, and the problems faced by the company are noted.