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    calculating EVA (Economic Value Added).

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    I am writing an undergraduate dissertation looking at performance pay and CEO incentives within the US oil and gas industry. I am looking at about 50 firms over a 5 year period and I need a measure for total shareholder wealth that is relatively easy to calculate (I've only got about 2 weeks), I can easily obtain data for (I have access to annual reports and proxy statements), and can be regressed on CEO compensation. If you could give me the formula for such a measure and instructions on where to find the data, that would be much appreciated.

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    I think that the best way for you to determine shareholder wealth is by calculating EVA (Economic Value Added). In the attachment you will find the steps to calculating EVA and some links that might be of help to you. This, in my opinion, is the easiest method for determining shareholder wealth. ...

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    This solution provides help with calculating EVA (Economic Value Added) in order to measure total shareholder wealth.