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    Describe different communication technologies

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    List a description of the special characteristics of the five different items below, their characteristics, pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages).


    Phone call
    Online meeting
    F2f meeting

    Based on the communication situation below, suggest only one of the communication technology from above one could use to deliver the message. Also, detail your justification and reasoning for recommending a medium.


    Publicizing a change in employee benefits
    Announcing layoffs
    Explaining a new process to a team
    Explaining a new product to all employees
    Detailing a new procedure to a small number of employees
    Discussing organizational goals
    Handling a conflict situation between virtual teams

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    Letter - a letter is sent by mail from one person to another.

    pro: people can take their time to formulate their answers and make sure that they get their answers across clearly; a lot of detail can be included; a person can have the opportunity to read and re-read the letter to make sure that they understand what is written; everything is in writing in case a future problem arises, there is proof of what was communicated. Cons; the reader is left alone to read the email, so there is no dialogue between parties, the writer has no chance to clarify what they wrote, no questions can be addressed; the reader could misinterpret what was written; there is a time delay between the time when the letter is sent and when the person receives it.

    Phone call: a phone call is made between 2 parties

    pro: interactive and dynamic, both parties can communicate with each other and answer questions Cons: nothing is written down, so if a conflict arises there is no documented proof of what was said; often people don't remember many details if they do not have it written down; if many topics are discussed the listener may get board and drift off; the listener may be multitasking while the conversation is going on and the speaker might not even know.

    E-mail: email is sent from one ...

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    This posting analyzes different communication techniques: Letter, Phone call, E-mail, Online meeting, F2F meetings. As well, it looks at different office situations to assess which technique is most appropriate.