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Independent Contractor vs. Employee

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I need some help discussing the VIP Tours of Orlando Case.

Reference: http://www.leagle.com/decision/19841756449So2d1307_11525

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This solution discusses the difference between an employee and an independent contractor for purposes of unemployment compensation.

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VIP Tours of Orlando Inc., v. State of Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security
This case discusses whether a tour guide (Hoogland) is an employee or an independent contractor for the purposes of unemployment compensation.
The Dept. of Labor found that because the tour guides: 1) worked under the name of the tour agency, 2) used vehicles provided by the agency, 3) had to follow agency instructions - that they were employees for the purposes of benefits.
Important facts:
-The tour guide was paid on a per job basis
-The tour guide could accept or reject any job
-Could accept jobs from other tour ...

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