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    Employee or independent contractor

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    If you had a choice, which would you prefer to hire - an independent contractor or an official employee? WHY? PLEASE JUSTIFY YOUR ANSWERS - and INCLUDE at least two or three factors that distinguishes an employee from an independent contractor.

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    It clearly depends upon the situation which can first be explained with some examples:

    1. If a company has periods of intense deadline work, an independent contractor can be an ideal solution because once the deadline is met, the independent contractor would no longer be needed.
    2. The independent contractor might bring an expertise not available to the company. It may be easier and cheaper to hire that expertise rather than develop it inside the company.
    3. The independent contractor is not included in payroll and therefore would not be provided benefits such as ...

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    The 353 word cited solution presents the differences between employee and independent contractor status from the view of both the company and the individual. Conclusions are drawn based on circumstances.