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    Contrast and compare an employee to an independent contractor

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    Could you help me to prepare an executive summary comparing and contrasting working for an organization vs being an independent contractor?

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    It will need to be tailored to your specific situation and should be used as an example.

    As this paper will discuss, there are several commonalities between being an employee or forming an organization and working as an independent contractor in just about any field in business. There are also many contrasting factors. Many times this is dependent upon the field of business and the product or service being offered, but some generalized information is found.

    When working within a formalized organization (sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation), an employee has significant advantages. These include the ability to obtain less expensive health benefits as well as the ability to use sick pay and vacation pay. Employees also have the ability to be promoted within the company and to cross train and learn from others' expertise. In addition, individuals employed in a formalized organization are able to follow specific policies that are already ...

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    The solution compares and contrasts an employee to an independent contractor versus working in an organization.