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This post addresses business law/management issues.

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From a legal perspective, determine if it is easier for a manager to deal with an employee or an independent contractor. Provide an example or rationale for your answer.

With the rise of virtual work arrangements (working from another location other than the designated office), discuss the legal issues that managers must be aware of.

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The solution provides a detailed explanation of both questions which examine if it is easier for a manager to deal with an employee or an independent contractor from a legal perspective. Examples are provided. This solution also explains the legal issues that managers must be aware of due to the rise of virtual work arrangements.

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From a legal perspective, it would be easier for a manager to deal with an employee rather than an independent contractor. The manager has less control over the actions and duties of the independent contractor, while the manager has that control over the employee. The employee has a fiduciary duty with the company, and the independent contractor also has one, but it can be controlled less because he or she is not an employee. Employees are bound to other conditions, like the company's code of ethics, policies and procedures, and various extraneous items that typically aren't used to the same extent, with an independent contractor.

An example:
Lowe's or Home Depot has an employee working in their installation department. The employee is to go to ...

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