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Workplace Telecommunications systems

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Prepare a paper describing the telecommunication systems used at your workplace.

You can write about Saudi Aramco or Samba Financial Group as a workplace.

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// In each organization, there is a need of Telecommunication system to transfer the data within the organization and for the transmission of information and required signals to the external sources. The way the telecommunication systems work has changed over the past decades, this is how: //

The word telecommunication has been derived from two words, tele and communicare, which mean far off and to share, respectively. From the earliest of times, human beings have felt the need of sending signals, such as warning signals and sharing the information over a distance for various reasons. The ways have changed with time, as in the historical times, smoke, flags and personal messengers were sent to transmit the information. As opposed to the traditional methods, various convenient methods have been generated now and they include telephones, media such as radio, television and computers and the internet has facilitated the transfer. It is an interesting fact that the economic impact of the telecommunications has been very strong for the organizations and for the world economy (Arabian Control System., 2009). It should be understood that WAN, LAN, decision support systems, cell phones ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 760 words with references.