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Stakeholder Management

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Stakeholder Management

Part of being an effective project manager is communication and representing the interests of the different stakeholders regarding the project. Stakeholder interests can often fluctuate during a life cycle of the project. Maintaining contact and effective communication with all stakeholders is vitally important to successful conclusion of a project.

This week you crossed over the halfway point of the class. As result you're halfway through the project.

It is your task and this week to address stakeholder needs in a progress report that will be sent to the client team.

Write a 1000 word, APA style paper that addresses the needs of different project stakeholders and restate the mission and purpose of the project. It is suggested recapping what has been agreed upon for this project in order to minimize scope creep.

Please use 2-3 outside references. Only one reference may be from the internet (not Wikipedia). Use supporting materials that are credible to strengthen your position as to your methodology for presenting this information and in what manner. Only the body of the paper will count towards the word requirement. Include a title page. Please see rubric below.

Study case is attached. I selected telecommunications.

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Solution Summary

A sturdy telecommunications system incorporating audio, audiovisual and computing signals to facilitate an efficient two way communications channel within and outside of the firm plays an integral role in positively moulding the firm's Management Information System vis-a-vis effective decision-making that will satisfy the stakeholders' wider expectations.

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The stakeholders' requirements in relation to telecommunications can be approached from the following points:
 The executing body in Arizona region's new office will essentially have to contend with the marketing, legal aspects, financial and human resources management operations in relation to effectively contributing to, and achieving, the firm's wider objective brought about by its mission statement and vision(s). Hence the efficient flow of data and information that will engender sound decision-making is crucial.
o The telecommunications system will be made up of, a switched board (networked) telephone package that will handle the intercoms requirements within the new office and also the external calls, plus a robust networked computing system. For the audio system (telephone) an all to one and one to all intercoms linking system could be put in place via a state of the art internal exchange system, a switch board (extension number(s) link up point) and reception.
o Inbound and outbound telemarketing calls within the customer service section on the second floor also will be facilitated by the networked telephone system.
 A networked and distributed computing system has to be robust enough to assure its stakeholders that the quality of information that will be generated from them will positively bring about sound and error free decision(s) for the survival ...

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