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    Consequences of ignoring a conflict within a project team

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    What are the consequences of ignoring a conflict within a project team?

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    Conflict is "a situation of competition in which the parties are aware of the incompatibility of potential future positions and in which each party wishes to occupy a position which is incompatible with the wishes of the other."

    Thomas has defined conflict as a process that begins when one party has negatively affected or is about to negatively affects, something that the first party cares about. Deutsch (1973) has suggested five types of basic issues underlying conflicts:

    Control over resources, preferences and nuisances, values, beliefs and the nature of relationship between parties. Thus internal characteristics of conflict include perception of the goal, perception of the other, view of the other's actions, definition of problem, communication, and internal group dynamics. These can be explained as follows:

    - Perception of the goal becomes a problem when success becomes competitive, the focus is placed on the solution rather than attaining the goal.
    - Perception of ...

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