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Project Requirements Document

Imagine that you have been selected as the PM for a process or product improvement activity or the design of a new product or service in your organization. Write a Project Requirements Document for this project that answers the following items:

a. A description of the problem or opportunity
b. Impact or effects of the problem
c. Identification of who or what is affected by the problem
d. Consequences of ignoring the problem
e. Voice of the Customer Analysis or Market Analysis
f. Strategic alignment
g. Key assumptions
h. Background information

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Project Requirements Document.

I am not sure how detailed you want this assignment to be, but judging by the credits, I assume you only require the basic structural information.

A. Description of the problem.

As the new project manager, I have taken it upon myself to present an analysis of the issue at hand. The issue involves the type of paint used on the two toys produced for children aged 5-11. Although the paint used falls within regulatory requirements, I believe it is becomes unsafe if the toy is placed in water. Chemicals used in the paint seep out into the water making it unsuitable for small children to drink or put on their skin.

B. Impact of problem.

The impact of the problem is multifold. There is a ...

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Projects requirement documents are examined. The impact or effect of the problems are determined.