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    Systems Analysis

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    Systems analysis is the second phase in the systems development life cycle. In the prior phase, systems planning, you prepared a feasibility study and proposed a broad solution to problems you identified. In the systems analysis phase you will develop a model of your proposed system. This phase applies modeling techniques such as requirements modeling, data and process modeling, and object modeling. The goal of this step is to build a solid foundation for the design phase of the project.

    For this project, you will prepare a System Requirements document using MS Word. The document should include the following:

    A business letter introducing the contents of this document and summarizing any changes made from the feasibility study
    A description of the resources required for the project and how they will be utilized
    A visual representation of the system including its constituent components (you should use a drawing program and embed the graphic into your document or use MS Word's drawing capabilities)
    A discussion of the analysis performed and the conclusions reached
    A summary of the system requirements for the project, including cost estimates

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