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    Difference between systems investigation & systems analysis

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    What is the difference between systems investigation and systems analysis? Why is it important to identify and remove errors early in the systems development life cycle?

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    * Systems Investigation and analysis looks at existing systems and determines if it can or should be improved.
    The difference between systems investigation and systems analysis are as follows:

    CAU.edu references that, "The systems investigation uncovers answers to the following questions.

    1. What problem(s) will a new or enhanced system solve?
    2. What opportunities are created?
    3. What new hardware, software, databases, telecommunications, personnel, and / or procedures are required?
    4. What are the potential costs (variable and fixed)?
    5. What are the associated risks?

    The feasibility of the project is determined during this phase. Feasibility is look at from many perspectives including technical feasibility (can it be done), operational feasibility (can it be put into operation), schedule feasibility (can it be completed in a reasonable amount of time), economic feasibility (does it make sense financially), legal feasibility (are there any laws or regulations against it). Net present value is the preferred approach for ranking projects economically. The systems investigation report consists of the executive summary, review of goals and objectives, system problems and ...

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    The difference between systems investigations and system analysis is examined.