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    Earned Value Management Requirement

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    Review the Fleming and Koppelman article from your assigned readings. Evaluate two of the ten EVM requirements and analyze how a project you have worked on in the past could have been more effective by using the measures. Provide detailed information if your organization consistently uses EVM and the benefits that have resulted.

    I work for a large insurance company.
    Read the following articles:
    Fleming, Q. & Koppelman, J. (2009). The two most useful earned value metrics: The CPI and the TCPI. Cost Engineering, 51(3), 22-25. (Document ID: 1681065491).
    Burnsed, B. & Thornton, E. (2009, September). The Six Sigma black belts are back. Business Week, (4147), 64-65. (Document ID: 1860761681).
    Burnsed, B. & Thornton, E. (2009, September 10). Six Sigma makes a comeback [Electronic Version]. BusinessWeek. Retrieved from www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/09_38/b4147064137002.htm
    Hollingsworth, C. (2009, September). A tale of two bridges. PM Network, 23(9), 46-51,8. (Document ID: 1861893661).
    Sanders, P. (2009, August 28). Corporate news: Boeing Dreamliner to fly in 2009 --- After delays, new schedule pressures company to test 787 in short order. Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition), p. B.3. (Document ID: 1848350331).

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    One of the 10 EVM requirements is the proper identification of the unique project requirements of a particular project. A project that I have worked on could've been more effective utilizing this measure, by taking the time to do a detailed analysis of the overall project, and the requirements in respect to human and material resources, as well as the time and financial requirements that will be needed in order to complete the project in an efficient and effective manner. If these ...