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    Project Management Scope

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    A project scope statement should include the following:

    Project details, such as:
    -Project name
    -Project charter
    -Project owner(s)
    -Project sponsors
    -Project stakeholders
    -Project justification
    -Project requirements and milestones
    -Project deliverables

    Additionally, project scope statements should include at least a product scope description, product user acceptance criteria, and detailed information on all project deliverables. It is also helpful to document other scope-related information, such as the project boundaries, constraints, and assumptions. The project scope statement should also reference supporting documents, such as product specifications that will affect what products are created or purchased, or corporate policies, which might affect how products or services are produced.

    This in-depth elaboration is necessary, because it will form the basis for a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), which is how you drill down and estimate the work involved with the project. Put yourself in the shoes of the end users and think about what their expectations are for the project's deliverables.

    Help by providing a project scope using the attached Project Charter and Project Paper. Should be about 2 pages in length. Cite and list all references used.

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    **The following will use an example similar to your own research project to adhere to policy in responding for assistance:

    The project scope statement is essential in defining the overall scope objective in following the approval framework in starting and completing the project. The project name depends on the core stakeholder's preference or identification model to what is needed in completing by certain designation protocols, i.e. Research and Development Department PC Improvement Project or any other name where the PC Improvement initiative will serve addressing the department goals initiatives. Below is sample approach to outlying the key areas of focuses to making up the core blueprint to the project initiatives:

    -Project charter - try and think of the overall purpose and approval protocols to starting the project, in which, the scope is based on leading up to the designated tasks and deliverable timetables. For instance: " The Project X2014 imposes the PCM Improvement New Database System for the R&D within Division ABC will improve on processes codes identifying newer products for market release of 100 codes. The final entity database will authorize certain clearances of management and employees on a daily basis that directly release data to senior management according. The set project budget is $51,200 due to the 1,000 employees within the global division departments with expectations of end date of completion in 20 days - with a contingency for additional 30 days if warranted through proper change request implemented to senior management." (Try and cater the charter as an introduction, approval, and clarity to the ideal project specifications and expectations. Further, the detailed project objectives from the charter can proceed accordingly: a) PC will book faster and loading of programs b) Project ...

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