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    Identify an existing supply chain management processes

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    A. Identify an existing supply chain management processes within any company.

    b. Describe the flow of materials to that company, the organization's function, and the customer the company serves.

    c. Compare and contrast these practices with other supply chain practices, both domestic and globally.

    d. Based upon the research and cost-benefit analysis, recommend changes.

    e. Analyze the ethics implications of this recommendation.


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    a. Identify an existing supply chain management processes within any company.

    During the past few years, Charter has rebuilt the network that allows Charter to deliver advanced products and services to all homes passed by our broadband footprint. Now, the same infrastructure that delivers video to its customers has the capacity to transport large amounts of information to both televisions and personal computers at speeds much faster than conventional copper phone lines can support. That's because Charter has upgraded its cable infrastructure to a state-of-the-art combination of fiber-optic lines and coaxial cable.
    All of its video customers receive a package of basic programming that generally consists of local broadcast television; local community programming, including governmental and public access, and limited satellite-delivered or non-broadcast channels, such as weather, shopping and religious services. The Company's basic channel line up generally has between 15 and 30 channels. The expanded programming level includes a package of satellite-delivered or non-broadcast channels and generally has between 30 and 50 channels in addition to the basic channel line up.
    Charter calls this infrastructure "broadband" because the fiber-optic/coaxial hybrid expands its network's bandwidth, or the range of frequencies the network can carry. Broadband enables high-speed, always-on access to a rich information and communications network.
    For its customers, this means an expanded choice of video programming, high-speed Internet access, digital cable, video on demand, high definition television, interactive services and other exciting products and services the future may bring, including telephone service

    b. Describe the flow of materials to that company, the organization's function, and the customer the company serves.
    Charter Communications, Inc. has begun using OnDemand Essentialsâ?¢, a proprietary system created by Rentrak to measure and report aggregated video on demand (VOD) usage data. OnDemand Essentials delivers timely, in-depth, customizable analysis of anonymous on demand viewing data and will help Charter and its programming partners better understand viewer preferences for Charter OnDemandâ?¢ content.
    "On demand programming continues to grow more and more popular with our customers, and since satellite cannot match our technology or content offering, Charter OnDemand is an increasingly important content distribution channel," says Robert Ladd, Charter Director of Marketing for On Demand and Pay Per View Services. "Rentrak will enable us to accurately measure and analyze on demand viewing preferences so that we can further enhance our on demand offerings for our customers."
    Charter OnDemand is an expansive library of movies, premium channel hits, sports, music and other programs that begin the moment you confirm your selection. Customers navigate a simple menu and pause, rewind and fast-forward using nothing more than their remote. Rented titles are available for 24 hours so customers can watch them as often as they like. Access to Charter OnDemand is free and available to over half of Charter Digital customers.
    OnDemand Essentials provides cable operators, content providers (including broadcast/cable networks, studios) and advertisers with a real-time transactional tracking and reporting system to view and analyze on-demand content. The product is an extension of Rentrak's Essentials suite of business intelligence products customized for the entertainment industry. OnDemand Essentials clients have password protected, real-time, web browser-based 24x7 access to on demand consumer usage data at various access levels based on business and ...

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    Existing supply chain management processes within a company are identified.