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past employer's management team

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In the unit readings, you explored strategies for selecting and applying metrics to strategic supply chain management. For this discussion review the metrics discussed on pages 205-210, Figure 5-5 on page 206, and Figure 5-6 on page 208, (Refer to this link: http://lvk.cs.msu.su/~antiw/McGraw-Hill.Strategic.Supply.Chain.Management.The.Five.Disciplines.For.Top.Performance.ISBN0071432175.pdf) and respond to the following questions:

1. Identify the metrics that are most applicable to your current or past employer's management team.
2. Describe why your selected metrics are appropriate.

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The metrics that are most applicable to my current employer are:

a) Performance of specific functions or department:
My company makes plastic molded toys. The performance of the specific functions needs to be improved. The marketing department performance should perk up. Its performance in forecasting the trends of toys, the size of orders relating to the toys that have been forecasted to be manufactured, and the inventory of unsold toys should be used to assess its performance. If marketing performance improves, the performance of my company will improve.

b) Performance of cross-functional processes;
The cross functional processes in my company need to be improved. The sales forecast is drawn by marketing and given to operations. Operations do not communicate even with the purchase manager or tell him how much plastic pellets and color will be required. The result is that there are urgent purchase requirements all the time and the ...

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