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    "Saving" a Project

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    Suppose that you have been hired to "save" a project that is already over budget and past due. The project is still only half done. You have 20 programming teams working independently. Explain how you would go about saving this project - you can include all the things that you would need (hardware? Software? Management structure, etc)

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    Below are steps I would take to save the project.

    * A system Architect should be introduced to be in charge of the whole system architecture
    * Every team should be assigned a team leader and Architect

    1. Immediately introduce web accessible Version Control Software (server and client).
    Open source Subversion is a perfect candidate:
    b) Subversion server is located at:http://subversion.tigris.org/
    a) There are ...

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    Ways of "saving" a project that is already over budget and past due and is still only half done are explained.