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Possible Windows Crashes

1. Why does Windows frequently crash? Microsoft hires (according to them) the best programmers in the world. Why can?t they get it right?

2. Why use functions at all? Programs can be written without them, so why bother with all the overhead?

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Possible Windows Crashes,
Question 1
1) Windows does not save memory dump file after a crash
2) Outlook 2003 crashes after you perform an unattended install of the Turkish version of Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000
3) Problems with the network, hard disk drive, or storage drivers cause an unexpected program crash in Windows XP
4) Computer Crashes When You Try to Restore Microsoft Information Store in Windows 2000
5) Windows 2000 Crashes with a "Stop 0x000000d1" Error ...

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Possible Windows Crashes are examined.