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area of telecommunications or data communications to hardware and software

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From the project scenario below, what area of telecommunications or data communications to hardware and software would you suggest to design for this company's needs. Please provide a list of solutions based on the Network requirements that are listed at the end of the project scenario.

Example of solution:
· Modem dial-up for employees when at home
A VPN-based extranet in order to use its access controls and authentication services to deny or grant access to specific information to the offsite employees.

From there I will build a UML model.

Example of a project scenario:

A computer training company needs an enterprise-wide network.

The company currently has Building 1 in which there are:
· 3 Administrators
· 5 Finance people in accounting
· 1 Finance person in bookstore
· 5 Sales people
· 5 Support people
· 1 Computer person
· 10 Training rooms
The company is leasing space in Building 2 (120' across a parking lot on the same property) in which will be moved from Building 1:
· 3 Administrators
· 5 Finance people in accounting
· 5 Sales people
· 3 Support people

Leaving in Building 1:
· 1 Finance person in bookstore
· 2 Support people
· 1 Computer person
· 10 Training rooms
The company is also leasing Building 3 (2000' away on another property across city streets) which will have:
· 2 New support people
· 20 Training rooms
The company has a branch (250 miles away in the same state) which houses:
· 1 Administrator
· 2 Sales people
· 1 Support person
· 10 Training rooms
The company will be opening more branches of the same size as its current branch in other states and other countries.

Network Requirements
Currently, everyone has either a 486DX66 or a Pentium stand-alone PC with Microsoft Office and Windows 3.11 or Windows95. The only network is a 5-station Lantastic network in accounting.
The new network is to allow:
· All employees to share databases.
· All employees to share scheduling.
· All employees to have secure company e-mail.
· All employees to be able to e-mail to non-company people.
· Videoconferencing for sales staff and administrators.
· Administrators and sales people to have WWW access.
· Modem dial-up for employees when at home.
· 4 wall connections in each training room so that trainers and students can connect to the WWW via laptop computers.
· Firewall to Internet.
· Intranet in the future, if not to be part of this network.
· Systems easily replicated in new branches.

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Solution Summary

Hardware and Software suggestions are included.

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Hardware and Software suggestions:

A central DBMS (Database Management Systems) storage method should be used eg. store the DBMS in the server only with recommended software such as Oracle, Cold Fusion etc. of a commercial standard.

Use a dedicated server unit and make sure it has sufficient memories to carter for current organization storage requirements and plenty of rooms left for future growth needs

Server must be kept in a separate and secure enclosure and unit away from physical tempering either intentional or unintentional and away from fire, flood or other natural disasters.

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