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Computer Hardware - Financial Planning

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If I were a consultant, looking to advise a financial planning firm with approx 1,500 financial planners across the United States, on what computers and other hardware they would need to purchase - what recommendations should be made?

In this recommendation, selecting only two types of computers (desktop, laptop, notebook or handheld computers) and other hardware components.

Not sure what features, performance in hardware tests and costs should be recommended. I realize that memory, battery and storage are all important factors, but not sure where to begin in my search. Any suggestions on what I should look for or what special considerations should be given to the nature of their business as they primarily buy and sell stocks bonds and mutual funds?

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There are a lot of choices out there and the simple answer to your question is that it all depends.

Most of the features that will help make your decision are not technical ones. You need to consider:

1. Budget
2. How that budget will be spent (Lease vs. Buy and how support will be managed)
3. Is the workforce mobile, sedentary or mixed?
4. Is there a particular software package that the users need to access - and do they need to access the internet all the time? Will handhelds help with this need?
5. Personal leanings of the decision makers.

1. Budget and 2. How it will ...

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Discussion of recommendations for IT purchases for a financial planning firm.