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    Virtualization Technology and IT Development

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    1. Planning is a useless endeavor because developments in e-business and e-commerce and in the political, economic, and societal environments are moving too quickly nowadays. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

    2. What planning methods would you use to develop e-business and e-commerce strategies and applications for your own business? Explain your choices.

    3. Why has prototyping become a popular way to develop business applications? What are prototyping's advantages and disadvantages?

    4. What are the three most important factors you would use in evaluating computer hardware? Computer software? Explain why.

    5. The IT function is notorious for being dynamic, and its leaders are no exception. Go online to research recent trends affecting the traditional roles of senior IT executives and how these roles are changing. Show your findings.

    6. "In the future, the prevalence of IT in product offerings will blur the distinction between IT and other areas of the company, to the extent that the IT function will cease to exist as a separate entity." Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

    7. The scrum approach to project management has become quite popular in recent years. Go online and research other companies that are using it to organize their projects. Have those experiences been positive as well? what can you tell about how the approach works from the research? Summarize.

    8. Would issues with IT projects be solved by making a business executive the ead of any projects involving IT?

    9. If virtualization technology were to eventually allow end users to run any environment of their choice in the same device, does that mean the choice of computing platform (desktop, notebook, smartphone, windows, Linux, mac OS) becomes irrelevant?

    10. Why are ERP upgrades so complex and expensive? What role does ERP customization, if any, play in this process? Go online and research other examples discussing ERP upgrades. Can you discern a pattern in what seems to be the major cost drivers of the upgrade process?

    11. Place yourself in as a customer while an upgrade was being implemented. What, if anything, would you have done differently had the companies had told you that a major software upgrade would be happening soon? Should they have told you?

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    1. Planning is not a useless endeavor because it sets objectives, allocates resources, fixes responsibilities; helps monitor/control, and gives overall direction. I do not agree with this statement. Planning is useful because it gives direction to an organization and strives to achieve its objectives. The developments in e-business and e-commerce and in the political, economic, and societal environments are external developments. They have an impact on the organization but planning takes into account unexpected changes in the environment. In fact, planning ensures that even though developments in e-business and e-commerce and in the political, economic, and societal environments take place, the organization achieves its objectives.

    2. The planning method that I will use to develop e-business and e-commerce strategies for my business will be as follows. The company I work for makes plastic molded toys. The planning method will be to diagnose the sector. Next a policy will be formed for e-business and e-commerce. Next, the selection of the plan objectives and priority areas will be done. The design of the program will be the next stage. The cost and budgeting will be the next stage. The implementation stage will be the next. Finally, there will be the monitoring and control system. This method has been selected because there is danger that commencing e-business and e-commerce can spoil relationships with the distributors who are the main channels of distribution. This is the reason why the company policy has to be clarified, the practices in the sector have to be considered, and objectives have to be prioritized.

    3. Prototyping is building a model of the business system. These are used to help system designers build the full information system that is intuitive and easy to use. In case of business systems a prototype is made first and based on it the final product is developed. The advantages are that the user can get the feel of the ...

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