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1. what are the pros and cons of upgrading an operating system versus installing a new image of the OS? Describe some of your own experiences at work or at home?

2. why is the Hyper-V virtualization technology available in windows server 2008 and important resource for many business IT environments?
What role does the SUSE version of Linux play?

3 What capability will VP Mode in Windows 7 operating system hardware resources PCs?
What computer system hardware resources may need to be enhanced to use this capability?

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1. An advantage of upgrading an operating system over a clean install of the OS is that it is much faster since only certain files are being replaced and only the new files will be added. The common or similar files between the old and new OS will be retained so there is no need for additional install time. Another advantage is that there is no need to reformat the partition of the hard drive. The data, applications, and other personal files will be retained. The disadvantage of upgrading an OS over a clean install is that it is less stable ...

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