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    The Role of the Organizational Development Practitioner

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    Subject: Organizational Development

    - Explain the role of an OD practitioner and the different styles or approaches one could utilize.

    - How important is the practitioner-client relationship in an OD intervention?

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    The overall role of the OD practitioner is to assist their clients in exponentially increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations, utilizing various strategies and methodologies. Due to this factor, and important role of an organizational development practitioner will be assisting the client in conducting a situational analysis, which would help the client to ascertain the present level of effectiveness and efficiency of the organization within their given environment, as well as what needs to be done in order to start the process of improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. This will entail ascertaining the internal and external environmental conditions that are affecting the performance of the organization, and developing the means by which to make the organization more efficient in functioning within his particular environmental or market conditions. This would not only entail analyzing business processes and procedures in order to determine what needs to be done in order to make them more effective, but also analyzing the human resources within the organization, in order to ascertain what practices and or procedures need to take place in order to improve the morale, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of staff members in completing their organizational duties. ...

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