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Current abilities to be an effective OD practitioner

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For an organization, an effective OD (organizational development) practitioner has the competencies of excellent intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, general consultation ability in terms of the ability to manage the consulting process, and some understanding of organization development theory or fundamentals including research skills. In other words, he or she has the mixture of personality traits, experience, knowledge and skills needed to lead the OD process. Discuss why each of these is important to the OD process.

REAL LIFE APPLICATION: Discuss yourself in terms of your current abilities to be an effective OD practitioner, based on the different competencies required. What are your strengths and where are your opportunities for improvement? How can you further develop your opportunities for improvement?

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An organizational development practitioner acts as a physician for an organization with an intention of improving its effectiveness by addressing its most important priorities. OD practitioners need to have good competencies, experience, knowledge, and skills to be effective in their approach for the OD processes of bringing and managing change, etc. Without having enough knowledge and OD competencies, an OD practitioner would not be able to improve ...

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The current abilities to be an effective OD practitioner is determined. Real life applications are examined.